First I’ll explain the criteria by which to identify the best probiotics for dogs in an objective way. That said… every dog is different and may require different bacterial strains to gain the most benefits from these supplements. This means that one dog can do better on brand A, and another dog will improve more on brand B.

Criteria To Evaluate The Best Probiotics For Dogs

  1. More different bacterial strains, as you never know which one your dog needs the most.
  2. The viability of the bacteria must be evaluated.
  3. A Higher number of colony forming units per gram.
  4. YOUR results, since dogs differ from each other.

Comparison Of Different Canine Probiotics

Total-Biotics® Canine Dophilus™ Nutrazyme Oral Canine Paste Fastrack® Canine Gel Natur’s Way Daily Boost Wysong Pet Inoculant
Acidophilus( DDS-1 strain) paws up
B. bifidun paws up paws up
B. infantis paws up
B. longum paws up paws up
L. casei paws up
L. plantarum paws up
L. rhamnosus paws up
L. salivarius paws up paws up
S. thermophilus paws up
L. lactis paws up
E. faecium paws up paws up paws up paws up paws up
B. subtiliis paws up paws up paws up
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast) paws up paws up
Pre-biotics (inulin IQ FOS) paws up paws up
Stabilized glutamine paws up
LEADS® paws up
Retail cost per billion CFUs 21 cents 66 cents $10.66 66 cents 14 cents 45 cents
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Every dog is an individual and dogs’ intestinal colonization differs as well. So one dog can benefit from a product, whereas another dog gets better results from another brand.

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