one size fits all dogs?

One Size Fits All?

As every dog is an individual here’s your guide that will educate you how YOU can choose what’s best for YOUR four legged friend. No dog is alike and there is no one size fits all. So you’re going to learn about canine nutrition and how to check your friend’s health.

Nutritional needs

What’s a dog? A domesticated wolf or four-pawed friend of the house? Can he just join for dinner or are his needs very different from yours? Let’s find out.

Special diets for dogs

Good nutrition is a prerequisite for good health. Therapeutic dog diets can help in several cases. Read about those here.

Weight management

Fat dogs, slightly overweight dogs ranging to obese dogs all have higher risks of developing obesity-related diseases. Learn to recognize the symptoms.

Obesity has become the number 1 food-related health issue in dogs

About 1 in every 3 dogs could lose some weight. An overweight dog has a higher risk of developing a range of health issues which affect both his and your happiness. This e-course is for dog owners that want to know how to prevent dog obesity √°nd for dog owners with a dog that is slightly overweight.


Lesson 01

Determine how much energy your dog needs.


Lesson 02

Analyze your dog food brand.


Lesson 03

Calculate the daily amount of dog food that is just right.

overweight dog
dog on scales

Free mini e-course weight management for dogs

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Where to go next?

dog food kibble

Dog Food Basics

Though you are best buddies, there are important differences between you and your pooch. Your dog is not a miniature human with fur.


Companies & Regulations

We need watch dogs in the dog food industry. Faults can happen on purpose (fraude), by accident (human errors) or out of ignorance.

veterinarian for dogs

Food & Health

Good dog food is the foundation for a healthy dog, though dogs can get sick for various reasons (not always because of bad dog food).

scratching dog

Dog Food Allergies

About 10% of allergic dogs are having dog food allergies. It is the third common cause after flea bite allergies and atopy.

healthy dog


With these new dog food ingredients we have new ways of influencing our dog’s health without giving actual medicines. Examples are fatty acids, digestive enzymes and probiotics.

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From Puppy to Senior

Every dog is an individual and not all dogs age the same. When your dog is still very active your should not consider him to be senior.

“My vet turned me onto this site. If you’re a pet owner, it’s worth reading.”


“Once Barbara came out with her website my life became easier. I now simply write down her website and direct dog lovers to that website.”

Eric (dog trainer)

Dog Food Manufacturers & Brands

View the top 10 of dog food manufacturers. Which companies rule in the world of dog food and how did they get there? What are their most successful dog food products?

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Struggling to find the perfect dog food? You’re not alone

Dog owners find their dog’s nutrition more confusing than their own. As a consequence they spend a lot of time thinking about it and feeling indecisive at the dog food aisle. Then when they finally select a dog food, about 70% of dog owners feel it mostly fits their dog’s needs but it’s not the perfect fit.

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