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A guide to help you find the best dog food

I hope the information presented in this website is of great value to you. My goal is to create a website about canine nutrition issues and dog food that is researched and written objectively, educating you about the relationship between food and health. It's all about learning to make the right decisions for your dog. There is no dog food brand that will be best for every individual canine. If there was this would be a very small website. So, we both have work to do. 😉

Choose the Best Nutrition For Your Canine Companion

Do you want to find the best dog food? As every dog is an individual here’s your guide that will educate you how YOU can choose what’s best for your four legged friend. No dog is alike and there is no one size fits all. So you’re going to learn about canine nutrition and how to check your friend’s health.

DogFoodia is dedicated to give you information about all there is to know about feeding your dog well.

Why? Because your dog deserves it, right? Your dog trusts you 100%. Your dog would give his life for you! He doesn’t care about your bad hair day or your out-of-fashion jacket. He just loves you for who you are.

In developed countries, dogs are considered as dear members of the family and their well-being becomes nearly as important as that of your partner and children.

But your dog is not a human being and his needs are different. And what is best for one dog, may not suit another dog very well. So let’s get informed.

The building blocks of your hairy friend actually consist of the kind of kibbles or other doggie meals that you feed him every day. So let’s start!

Cat and dog looking for meat in the refrigerator

Why I Started DogFoodia (formerly known as Best-Dog-Food-Guide.com)

Me and my Akita dog

My name is Barbara and I started this website in 2007 when I was looking for guidance in finding the best dog food. Besides that I just wanted to know more about dog food related health issues. Why? Because my dog is a very fussy eater. He is picky and also was scratching a lot. I was suspecting dog food allergies, or perhaps stress (I was training him to be a good puppy) or… I just didn’t know and kept changing dog food brands. I’m a concerned dog owner, much like yourself.

I’ve learned and experienced that dogs are very much like humans in that… they differ from each other! Dogs are individuals and my Akita very much so. Most dog treats he dislikes and the same goes for dog food. So let’s not take him as an example when you’re going for the best dog food for YOUR pooch!

Please note that I’m not a veterinarian. I’m just a dog lover that cares. When I researched the dog food market to fix the health problems my dog had I decided to make it into a website.

My dog, unfortunately, has passed away. He lived a long happy life. I miss him every day. I like to think my food choices and our happy home gave him the long life he lived.

One more word: Always contact your vet if you need medical advice.


As I always say: ‘It’s better to err on the side of caution’. 🙂

Good nutrition is the foundation for good health!


Where To Start?

This site has several categories providing with educational information about dog food related issues.

Meet Kensho, my Akita and very fussy eater

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Obesity has become the number 1 food-related health issue in dogs

About 1 in every 3 dogs could lose some weight. An overweight dog has a higher risk of developing a range of health issues which affect both his and your happiness. This e-course is for dog owners that want to know how to prevent dog obesity ánd for dog owners with a dog that is slightly overweight.


Lesson 01

Determine how much energy your dog needs.


Lesson 02

Analyze your dog food brand.


Lesson 03

Calculate the daily amount of dog food that is just right.

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Free mini e-course weight management for dogs

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I get questions on an almost daily basis about what is the best food to feed your dog. This used to be a time consuming process. Explaining what a good dog food is can take some time. The big time dog food companies have spent billions of dollars convincing us what to feed. Once Barbara came out with her website ‘Best Dog Food Guide’ my life became easier. I now simply write down her website and direct dog lovers to that website. As a bonus, when you go to her website you can get her e-book ‘A Bit of Tender Love and Care for Dogs.’”

Eric Letendre

Amazing Dog Training Man

P.S. This website started in 2007 as Best-Dog-Food-Guide.com. It was technically hard to maintain, the dashes in the domain name had to go and the website had to become mobile-responsive. And so, 10 years later, I have transferred all articles to DogFoodia.com.

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