Before I’ll explain you more about dog food prescription diets (also known as ‘therapeutic diets’), there are a few things that I need to make clear to you.

Things To Know Before Switching To A Dog Food Prescription Diet

Please read this page first before diving into one of the special therapeutic dog diets. You’ll quickly learn some general guidelines that will help you understand these kinds of food better.


Malnutrition can result in illnesses, though the other way around is not true. Not all diseases are caused by bad dog food. We know that good nutrition is a prerequisite for good health. But your dog can get sick because of a hereditary trait and in some cases, you THEN can support your dog by switching to a special dog food diet.

Good dog food and dog care is the foundation for a healthy dog, though dogs can get sick for various reasons (not always because of bad dog food).


You don’t just switch to a prescription diet. Dogs are very different and what works for your neighbor’s dog, does not have to be beneficial to your canine companion. Specific medical conditions may require that your dog is best supported with a special dog food diet. Your veterinarian is the one that diagnoses your pet and will advise you on the best dog food prescription diet for your dog specifically.

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Prescription diets are available only by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian practice for this reason. The dog food label will mention phrases such as ‘Veterinary Exclusive Pet Food’, ‘Authorized for prescription and sale only by veterinarians’ or ‘Sold and distributed by licensed veterinarians only’.

Special diet dog food is advised by a veterinarian after he or she has diagnosed your dog with a specific illness.


A dog food prescription diet is not a cure. I can best illustrate this with an example.

Suppose your dog has a tendency to develop allergies and he has become allergic to most kinds of protein sources used in dog food. To prevent allergy symptoms you can switch to a hypo-allergenic diet. It won’t cure your dog (as the symptoms will get back when you switch back to regular dog food), but it helps to prevent dog food allergy symptoms to re-occur.

Other dog food diets aid in recovery from a disease or disorder. These special diets can be given to help your dog get his strength back after an episode of illness.

Another category in therapeutic dog foods consists of diets that delay the progression of the disease.

Dog food prescription diets consist of normal dog food ingredients but in special amounts and compositions relative to each other. The composition is designed to match the specific needs in a pathological digestion related or metabolic disorder.

And Finally…

  • Some therapeutic dog food diets can be fed a lifelong whereas others are designed to assist only before surgery or to assist in recovery after. You need to get clear information on what dog food to feed and for what period of time from your vet.
  • Feeding therapeutic dog food to healthy dogs can be counterproductive: it can be damaging to your dog’s health! So never assume that what’s good for one dog will also benefit the other.
  • Dog food prescription diets are more expensive than regular dog food. To save money on therapeutic dog food despite your vet having advised this is not a smart thing. If you’re hesitating then ask your vet a prognosis of the veterinary bills in scenario ‘regular dog food’ and ‘advised therapeutic dog food’.

Compare the price difference between these foods to the vet bills plus the happiness of you and your dog if you can put a price to that. I’m certain you’ll be convinced to follow the advice and buy the more expensive food as it’s the wisest thing to do.

Different Dog Food Prescription Diets

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Where To Buy Prescription Dog Food And Treats Online

Although you can conveniently order kidney disease dog food online (any many other types of therapeutic dog food), you still need veterinarian approval in order to purchase prescription dog food. Upon checkout, all necessary information will be collected and a prescription will be verified by the online webstore if required. Alternatively, you buy these kinds of food at the veterinarian’s.

Different dog food diets exist for different conditions

We have special foods for:

Diabetic dogs
Diabetic dog food is indicated when your dog has been diagnosed by your veterinarian with canine diabetes.
Senior dogs
The purpose of a senior dog food diet is to prolong both the quality of life and the lifespan of your dog. But putting your dog on a senior diet too soon can affect his health condition negatively.
Allergic dogs
Food allergy takes time to develop and usually your pet will have eaten the offending dog food for years without any trouble! Prognosis is very good once you have identified the substance or substances. On a hypo-allergenic diet or sensitivity control diet, your dog can live many happy healthy years.
Obese dogs
Did you know that when your dog weighs 10% more than he actually should, he’s already overweight? It’s never too late to switch to a low-fat dog food or to follow an alternative weight loss method.
Kidney disease
No dog food can cure canine kidney disease (sometimes called ‘renal disease’) and kidney disease prescription diets cannot prevent kidney disease either. But… kidney prescription dog food diet both extend and improve the quality of life in dogs with renal disease.
Bad teeth & bad breath
Bad breath in dogs is quite common but really unnecessary. The most common cause is inflammation of the gums. First, you need to tackle the problem, next you need to prevent it from happening again.

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