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Dog Food Manufacturers & Brands

View the top 10 of dog food manufacturers. Which companies rule in the world of dog food and how did they get there? What are their most successful dog food products?

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Struggling to find the perfect dog food? You’re not alone

Dog owners find their dog’s nutrition more confusing than their own. As a consequence they spend a lot of time thinking about it and feeling indecisive at the dog food aisle. Then when they finally select a dog food, about 70% of dog owners feel it mostly fits their dog’s needs but it’s not the perfect fit.

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Listeria in dog food: A reason to recall

When we get sick from the pathogenic Listeria bacteria we call it Listeriosis. Dogs and cats rarely get this disease and usually don’t display any symptoms. However, people with an impaired immune system can get really sick and can even die from a listeria infection.

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Delaney is now gluten-free and poultry-free

My neighbor, a vet, diagnosed Delaney with food allergies. She said the most common food allergies are chicken and gluten. She is much improved. Her skin has healed and she does not scratch or has loose stools.

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Jellybean seems allergic to almost everything

The vet recommended the allergy tests. When we received the call from the vet, he stated your dog is allergic to human dander, dust, grass, different trees, feathers, many foods including beef, ticks, fleas, and more. He is even allergic to some materials used in bed linens and clothing, then he said he seems to have an allergy to almost everything.

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Rescue dog & atopica

We adopted a rescued puppy from a friend about 4 years ago and shortly thereafter, she began scratching excessively. The first year the vet did steroid shots which helped but after several shots the vet became concerned about potential damage from this type of treatment.

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Trim Down Fat Dogs and Canine Obesity

More and more dogs are slipping into the fleshy grip of the obesity epidemic, much like their owners. The parallels between fat dogs and human obesity are striking and so is the cure.

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