What are nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are a hot issue in healthy dog food. After premium dog food we’ve had super premium dog food and now – even healthier nutraceutical supplemented dog food or empowered dog food. With these new dog food ingredients, we have new ways of influencing our dog’s health without giving actual medicines.

Examples of these supplements are:

  1. Daily and multi-vitamins.
  2. Essential fatty acids.
  3. Digestive enzymes.
  4. Probiotics.
  5. Prebiotics.
  6. Anti-oxidants.
Never share the vitamin supplement you bought at the pharmacies. Dogs have different needs and differ from humans.

Since more and more dogs live up to a ripe old age, nutritional supplements have become a fast-growing business. When you feel a cold coming or you feel depleted of energy you may go to the pharmacy to buy a generic or specific vitamin supplement. Because your dog is just another family member, one with big teeth and lots and lots of hair, you may do the same for him and look for a product that mimics the supplement you bought yourself the other day.

Some required legal talk

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Healthy Pets Live Longer

Also, puppies can benefit from extra support. Because their immune systems are still developing they are more vulnerable to parasites compared to adult dogs. On top of that comes the stress they often experience when they leave the safety and familiarity of their mother and siblings to go live with a new human family.

Species-Specific Effects

As the dog genome is now fully sequenced we see the evolvement of breed specific dog food. This knowledge is also useful in developing nutraceutical based healthy dog food as the effects can be very subtle. What works in laboratory mice might not work in dogs as the effect can be very species-specific. So remember that what works for humans, may not work for your dog.

Influence Disease Progression Via Healthy Dog Food

The influence of the environment on the expression of potential diseases is under investigation.

Nutraceuticals in empowered dog food may either prevent or stimulate disease progression. Supplements can be added specifically for dogs with allergies, anxiety, aggression, obesity, arthrosis, dental health problems and more.

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