This article was written by Susan (Florence, SC).

We found Jellybean as an approximate 4 to 6-week old puppy walking down a road. He was starving. I took him to my mother, who prepared a breakfast scrambled eggs, crumbled bacon, and a small amount of grits. She and I took turns feeding him until he began to get better.

During the vet visit, Jellybean was diagnosed with worms and a skin disorder. After medication for the worms and then antibiotics, he seemed much better.

Then he developed red mange. Since that time, it has been a nightmare for us and him. He was tried on the oral medication for red mange, but he became “crazy”. He would bite at the air and growl at his “family, human and dogs”.

Immediately, we took him off the medication and called the vet. Jellybean was allergic to the oral medication. We resorted to the dips. Due to his allergies, each time he was dipped, our vet kept him to monitor him closely and gave him an antihistamine and fluids. After 4 months of taking him every three weeks for dipping, he became better.

Then during the summer, at the age of one year old, he started scratching and biting his own skin. We tried all the home remedies. I even gave him weekly baths in oatmeal and milk, which seemed to help some. We changed dog food, obtained allergy medication across the counter and worked with our vet.

The vet recommended the allergy tests. When we received the call from the vet, he stated your dog is allergic to human dander, dust, grass, different trees, feathers, many foods including beef, ticks, fleas, and more. He is even allergic to some materials used in bed linens and clothing, then he said he seems to have an allergy to almost everything.

Presently, Jellybean is on allergy shots (been on them for 7 months), but we have not yet moved beyond the introductory dose as he begins to itch and breaks out each time he receives a shot. Any ideas are welcome.

We love our dog and have purchased a kiddie pool for him during the summer as he likes to be outdoors with us. We have signed up for a menu consultation as Jellybean is still miserable. šŸ™

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