This article was written by Tina (Utah).

We had our English Mastiff puppy that we got from a breeder for three days before we took her to the vet for a checkup. She was fine, except she had a few red looking bumps above her right eye. The vet said it was fine and we went on our way.

Some required legal talk

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We were feeding Science Diet at this point, that we gradually introduced to her. About six months later the bumps had gotten redder, the skin around the top of the eye was starting to swell, at this point we were full on with Science Diet.

A month later we took her to the vet who did a mite scrape that turned up negative, along with Prednisone. Prednisone was terrible to my puppy who constantly urinated on herself because she just couldn’t hold it. At 8 months old and 100 pounds, the weight was terrible for me to endure in carrying her up two flights of stairs to take baths after peeing all over herself.

After she took the medication her eye seemed much better. About a month later the infection looked to be coming back. She began scratching at it. Then it looked like small white bumps were starting to appear.

We changed her food from Science Diet to Nature’s Domain in case it was food allergies. But the eye remains with the swollen skin at the top, a little hair loss from the scratching, and of course, scratching. But not constant scratching.

So, from the last time we had taken her to the vet, we waited two months before taking her again, to a different vet.

This vet did a yeast test with a piece of scotch tape that cost us $29.00, that came back negative. They told us it was probably a food allergy and wanted us to try a product made by Science Diet. Uh, no. We decided to get out of there before we had to sell the truck to pay for the vet bill. Anyhow, so now we are here.

I am going to try hydrocortisone cream on it for a week and see what happens. I can not see changing her food again. Especially when she’s had the eye bumps since we got her, it could just be something genetic passed down from her mother. If that was the case I don’t think it can officially be cured.

The eye does look better than it did before went to the first vet, which leads me to believe that perhaps it was the food, however now that it’s back it’s tough to say what we can do to permanently cure this.

The swelling isn’t as drastic, some of the hair has grown back, and the red bumps are non-existent. Only now there have been a few white spots show up. She scratches perhaps once a day, and does not vomit, or have diarrhea, or chew at her paws. She does chew at her dew claws though. But this is all rarely.

I would like to rid her of the annoyance of the itch so I am hoping if nothing else, the hydrocortisone cream will do that.

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