Below you’ll find my own personal probiotic dog story when I bought probiotic power… eh no… powder (I keep making that mistake, but in this case, both are right 😉 ) for my Akita dog in June 2007.

My Story About Probiotic Powder

A few days ago my Japanese Akita dog Kensho got ill. He refused to eat, had a dull coat (though he’s in his shedding period) and appeared very lethargic. When he did not wag his tail when I entered the room (!) I knew enough and we went to see our veterinarian. My Akita dog was subjected to an extended examination and blood samples were taken.

Tick Disease Alert

It appears he’s suffering from anemia (low red blood cell count). As we have been walking a lot in the woods lately and I’ve had to remove just about more than one tick, the vet suspects some kind of tick disease (and multiple and even deadly tick-transmitted diseases exist).

Antibiotics Treatments Kill ‘Bad’ But Also ‘Good’ Bacteria

And so it happened Kensho is now taking his third (!) antibiotics cure this year. Because antibiotics also affect the intestinal flora making my dog more prone to infections I asked the vet: “Shouldn’t we give him probiotics as well?” This had not crossed his mind but he thought it was a very good idea indeed!

akita dog in the forest

How To Use Powered Probiotic For Dogs

When your dog is getting antibiotics treatment ask your vet for a probiotic for dogs (also known as Direct-Fed Microorganisms or DFM’s). He can supply these in a more concentrated form that can be bought in most pet shops (exceptions exist).

Antibiotics and probiotics have opposite effects, so wait with giving probiotics treatment until after the effect of the antibiotic treatment.

Alternatively, you can give your dog prebiotics as these do not interfere with antibiotics.

The dry powder can be sprinkled on top of your dog’s dinner, though you need to allow some time between administering antibiotics and probiotics (consult your vet for precise instructions). Alternatively, you can give your dog prebiotics as these do not interfere with antibiotics.

P.S. Kensho is wagging his tail again! 🙂

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Saving Lives Means Dogs Deserve The Best Nutrition

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Probiotics for dogs
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